Reconditioned IBCs Edinburgh

Reconditioned IBCs are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for the storage and transportation of water, chemicals and other non-hazardous liquids.

Reconditioned IBCs from Recontainers help our clients across Edinburgh save money and operate in a more environmentally conscious manner year-round by enabling them to purchase fully cleaned and reconditioned IBCs at a fraction of the price of brand new IBCs.

Our Recondition IBCs available for purchase in Edinburgh are sourced from industry-leading IBC manufacturers and partners across Edinburgh and the UK. The excellent relationship we have with our partners ensures we have access to premium-grade Reconditioned IBC on a frequent basis and while this means we may have to pay more to secure these IBCs, we’re happy to do so to assure our clients that we will always have the best Reconditioned IBCs in Edinburgh available.

Reconditioned Containers

Reconditioned Containers

At Recontainers we carry out a rigorous Reconditioning process for Reconditioned IBCs in Edinburgh. Our process involves an internal deep clean of IBCs to clear the residue of previous contents, an external clean to refurbish the exterior and its galvanised cage and finally a multi-step deficiency check. At this point we use state-of-the-art leak detection systems to test the newly Reconditioned IBCs for vulnerabilities which could occur at the point of sale, during transport & storage or while in use.

We pride ourselves in our adaptive approach to our clients’ requirements for Reconditioned IBCs; no matter where you are in Edinburgh, we can supply you with whatever quantity you may require. We supply Reconditioned IBCs ranging from 200 Litres to 1000 Litres on composite steel, wood and plastic pallets to ensure our clients have a wide variety of options to choose from at all times.

“Recontainers Ltd has an unrivalled supply of quality used plastic containers from 200lts to 1000lt IBC's”


We'd be happy to discuss competitive prices for your containers, please call our knowledgeable and friendly staff on 01706 211 112, Email us or fill out our online Enquiry Form for specialist advice or more information. We accept enquiries from Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds and throughout the UK.

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