Second Hand IBC Containers

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of refurbished IBCs, we are strong advocates for the benefits of reusable packaging. 

Why buy second hand IBC containers?

Used IBC containers offer excellent value over buying new, with savings in excess of 50 percent. Rising polymer and steel prices are causing the price of new IBCs to increase even further – representing even greater value in using refurbished IBCs.

Second hand containers are also substantially more environmentally friendly than buying new, helping to reduce your companies carbon footprint. Its a simple solution that has the potential to reduce both your impact on the environment and save money. 

IBCs are designed to be re-used and as such we offer a full wash and return service: 

Our team are experienced at dealing with a variety of IBC types and manufacturers. Cages and bottles are thoroughly cleaned by hand to ensure a quality that surpasses automatic machines before being pressure testing and sealed with a new tamper evident foil seal. All the while we aim to minimise the amount of water we use to help save the planet. 

The team are also able to carry out minor repairs and if needed fit new IBC tank fittings, such as valves.

We have a wide range of IBC tanks for sale nation-wide that cater for a variety of uses, if you need any advice on which IBCs are right for you read our IBC Guide or feel free to Contact us. If you know what you’re looking for head over to our online shop to start saving today.

*Update: March 2021 – As IBCs are becoming increasingly scarce, we are washing more tanks than ever, ensuring that customers are able to continue business as usual without delays or additional costs. The value this service provides, as well as the supply of second hand IBC containers has helped mitigate the supply of new IBCs across the industry.